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Make the most of the sun with this sweet picnic box, filled with everything you need for a day lazying on the grass. All that's missing is sandwiches, we've taken care of the rest with games, snacks, napkins, and even sunscreen, hand-wipes and insect repellent! Grab and get your sun on.

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Snack 1
Snack 2
Table Cloth
Suncream, Insect Repellent, Hand Wipes
Mini Luxury Chocolate


Sweet & Salty Popcorn Crisps, Corners
The only thing you should regret is the things you could have eaten but didn’t. These are truly some of the most delicious things we’ve ever snacked on. It’s popcorn that has been flattened and made extra crunchy and cut into the shape of crisps. They’ve also been baked not fried, so you can veg out guilt-free. Get your snacking on.

PopcornShed Say Cheese! Snack Pack
A deliciously rich, ripe and creamy mature cheddar cheese popcorn. This sharp cheesy flavour is ridiculously addictive and tangy, which is perhaps why it won a Great Taste Award in 2018.

Buttermilk Artisan Confectionery Rum & Raisin Fudge
Creamy traditional fudge infused with rum and churned with whole raisins. Buttermilk award-winning treats are lovingly handmade in-house by their craft confectioners. Stirred over open flames in traditional copper pans, their skilled team blend ingredients to bring you indulgent, mouth-watering treats. They use the highest quality British milk and butter in their fudge and confectionery, which meets rigorous animal welfare standards and ensures a fair price is paid to farmers. All their sugar is sourced from the EU and they have removed palm oil from all but a few recipes.

Dean's Mature Cheddar & Cracked Black Pepper Bites
Delicious cheese bites are the perfect accompaniment to a glass of wine, or as an indulgent snack. Dean’s original recipes mixed in small batches and are made with only the finest ingredients.

Mr Filbert's Sea Salt Mixed Nuts
Handcrafted gourmet recipes free from gluten, dairy and artificial additives so you're getting only what nature intended. A West Country award-winning brand, 100% natural ingredients that are suitable for vegetarians.

Sea Salt Popcorn Crisps, Corners
The only thing you should regret is the things you could have eaten but didn't. These. These are truly some of the most delicious things we've ever snacked on. It's popcorn that has been flattened and made extra crunchy and cut into the shape of crisps. They've also been baked not fried, so you can veg out guilt-free. Get your snacking on.

White Chocolate & Raspberry Popcorn Bites
This is popcorn for grownups and grownup parties. Smooth and rich with a satisfying crunch, each kern is air-popped to perfection before being paired with indulgent chocolate.

Pretzel Crisps 🥨
These are popular in America but pretty hard to come by in the UK, and we're on a mission to change that! Crunchy and moreish, you’ve never seen pretzels like this before. "Squished", baked and oversized they are the perfect satisfying snack. Delicious with nearly every spread, they’re diversely dippable, and just as satisfying by the handful.
• 'Everything' Seed
• Garlic Parmesan.

Original Tortilla Chips
Sometimes classics are the best. Doritos are the original tortilla chips with a bold flavour and full-on crunch. Suitable for vegetarians.

    PopcornShed MiniPop!
    These are made from an ancient grain of corn, popped into teeny weeny, pieces. (Smaller kernels are not only cuter, they don't get stuck in your teeth.)

    3-ply Tissue Napkins
    It's the details that make the experience. These napkins scream 'picnic' and have a premium feel and stylish look. The 3 ply construction ensures a soft texture alongside superb absorbency. Duni Giovanni Napkins are FSC certified which offers assurance that these products contain material from sustainable forests.

    Table Cloth
    The perfect finishing touch to a quintessential picnic, use it to lay your spread on. Better yet, this paper table cover is disposable and can be easily recycled making the clean up quick and easy!

    Outdoor Care Pack
    Didn't we say we've thought of everything? The outdoor care pack is put together with you and everything you need for a day outdoors in mind. Worry about nothing except what delicious sandwiches you're going to pick up on the way to the park.

    • Suncream SPF25
    • Antibacterial Hand Wipes
    • Insect Repellent Wipes

    Four in a Dough
    It’s the ultimate challenge - pizza vs doughnut. Connect four of your food to win. But when we’re talking about pizza or doughnuts, no one really loses. A fun game you can play again and again!

    Get ready to pair your favourite foods with Foodominoes. We can't promise this game won't leave you feeling hungry! Once the dominoes are dealt evenly, the remainder of the dominoes should be placed face down in a draw pile. The player who eats the most doughnuts goes first.

    Pocket Pub Quiz
    You can take the person out of a pub, but not the pub out of a person. 100 general knowledge questions on everything from animals to musical magic, there’s hours of fun to be had.

    Generation Genius Trivia
    It’s the young vs the young at heart in this quick-fire trivia game. With one set of general knowledge cards for the kids and one for the adults, take turns answering questions on everything from movies and music to science and art. A point is scored for each correct answer, so it’s time to put your thinking caps on and see which generation will emerge victorious.

    Mini Chocolate Bar
    Colombian single-origin 41% milk chocolate bar has the finest chocolate from Colombia combined with lashings of creamy milk to give you a soft melting mix of suave flavours & rich aromas.

    Is there anything a little sugar didn't help make even better? A little pouch of pick'n'mix sweets to keep you company throughout the day 🍬
    • Can be made vegetarian on request. Please leave us a note at checkout.

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