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Crikey! We've spotted the elusive socially distanced Bear Hug in it's natural habitat and captured it for you 🐻______🐻

This sweet box has all your basic bear huggy things covered (snacks, drinks, positive artwork and more...). It's the perfect 'thinking of you' gift or a pick-me-up for yourself.

What's included :

  • Single Origin Hot Chocolate or Ground Coffee
  • Special Mug
  • Positive Artwork (included but optional)
  • 'Everything Seed' Pretzel Crisps
  • Sweeties


Single Origin Hot Chocolate 🤎
A hug in a mug. Made from single estate cacao beans from Colombia, this hot chocolate is full of rich flavour. Just mix it with hot milk or non-dairy milks to keep it vegan
  • Allergen Info - Free From Dairy, Free From Gluten, Free From Soya
  • Dietary Info - Suitable for Vegans
Ground Coffee ☕️
For the #stressed, #blessed and coffee obsessed. Start every day as God intended, kickstarted with caffeine.
      Special Mug🥤
      Specially designed by us, a mug (snap)shot of this memorable period and year is the perfect useful keepsake.

      Positive Artwork 🎨
      We think some of the smartest people are cartoon or invented Disneyland. Designed by us, your chosen art comes beautifully framed, ready to display inside the home.

      Some people are worth melting for.
      — Olaf, Frozen

      You are my greatest adventure.
      Mr. Incredible, The Incredibles

      A true hero isn't measured by the size of their strength, but by the strength of their heart.
      — Zeus, Hercules

      A hug is always the right size.
      — Winnie the Pooh

      An Overworked father that feeds on caffeine and survives on various forms of adult beverages
      — Walking Dad Definition

      Someone who gives good advice, protects from scary insects and/or people and excels at making bad jokes
      — Dad Definition

         'Everything Seed' Pretzel Crisps 🥨
      These are popular in America but pretty hard to come by in the UK, and we're on a mission to change that! Crunchy and moreish, you’ve never seen pretzels like this before. "Squished", baked and oversized they are the perfect satisfying snack. Delicious with nearly every spread, they’re diversely dippable, and just as satisfying by the handful.
      • Allergen Info - Contains Milk, Contains Wheat
      • Dietary Info - Kosher
        Is there anything a little sugar didn't help make better? A little pouch of pick 'n mix sweets to keep you company throughout the day 🍬
        • Can be made vegetarian on request. Please leave us a note at checkout.

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