Energizer Max AAA Batteries


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Alkaline AAA batteries.

Energizer MAX® batteries deliver long-lasting power for your everyday devices, giving you power when you need it most. Feel confident knowing you have the long-lasting energy and protection you expect from Energizer.

Prep & Usage

  • Inspect your device battery size
  • Examine the device for a small battery symbol or a plus and minus sign

Product Info


  • Store in a cool dry place

Safety Warning

  • Insert correctly (+/-)
  • Do not recharge
  • Do not open or dispose in fire
  • Do not mix with used or other battery type: may explode, leak and cause damage
  • Keep away from small children


United Kingdom

Manufacturer/ Brand Owner

Energizer Trading Ltd.,

Sword House, Totteridge Road, High Wycombe, UK, HP13 6DG

Additional Info

  • Batteries should not be thrown away with your regular household waste. Please refer to the proper recycling instructions
  • 10 year shelf life for batteries

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