wonder & awe is a retail and gifting company that provides goods and gifts in themed boxes. It was created to meet a new need as the world drastically changed through a pandemic and what was important to people shifted. The ethos of wonder & awe is to only supply things that meet the criteria of wanted, needed or joyful. Gone are the days of mindless shopping, we believe everything through your front door should serve a purpose. A core value of wonder & awe is for each delivery to lift spirits and ‘drop joy’ into people's day.

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Jedidiah Francis, Co-Founder of Supply Drop

Co-Founder, wonder & awe

Jedidiah loves complicated ideas and talking about them. Unfortunately for him, that’s unfortunate. He believes the creative use of technology can make complicated ideas understandable and products fun.

One of his first designs was an automatic bed-spreader when he was 12, which is not what his mother had in mind when she told him to make his bed. He’s also Founder of AI startup accelerator - Jed.ai Labs. He holds a 1st class degree in business management & biology, and a PHD in Statistics from the University of Oxford. He was previously the Head of Data Science at ASOS and founded their Data Science team.

Jedidiah was born in St.Vincent and the Grenadines which is a tiny island in the Caribbean. He moved to the UK in 2001 joining the British army as a Royal Engineer. He received an honourable discharge from the army to pursue his academic studies. 

He is a Wingate Scholar and attended Queen Mary, University of London to Study Biology and Business Management where he graduated in 2006.  His interest in mathematics and biology converged in his BSc dissertation, where he developed a statistical model to describe the proliferation of transposons or “jumping genes” in mosquito populations. His work on modelling jumping genes gained him entry into Oxford University for a doctorate in the Statistics department, where he worked alongside leading researchers to develop statistical models of HIV genetic evolution. (If you’re still reading this far, well done!).

Jed.ai Labs was founded to incubate companies that have an underlying purpose to affect justice, fairness and peace. He is passionate about changing culture and renewing old ways of doing things.

He's a frequent panelist on AI and technology issues, and also guest lectures at Imperial College London on AI, technology and startups. In his spare time he builds other things, like robots and legos. 

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