wonder & awe is a retail and gifting company that provides goods and gifts in themed boxes. It was created to meet a new need as the world drastically changed through a pandemic and what was important to people shifted. The ethos of wonder & awe is to only supply things that meet the criteria of wanted, needed or joyful. Gone are the days of mindless shopping, we believe everything through your front door should serve a purpose. A core value of wonder & awe is for each delivery to lift spirits and ‘drop joy’ into people's day.

Read more about our co-founder below:

Angeline Francis Khoo, Co-Founder of SupplyDrop


Angeline is a faux lawyer and recovering sugar addict. She likes plants; she dislikes about us bios. She was born in Perth, Western Australia before migrating to Canada at the age of five. She grew up in beautiful Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada, rock climbing and swimming in lakes, before completely changing scenery and moving to London to attend university. She is one of five children, taking comfort in the fact she’s only 20% of her parents problems. 

She’s also the Founder and CEO of luxury women’s wear brand Rosie On Fire, which has been featured in Tatler, Harpers Bazaar and Vogue. Having a number of siblings on the autistic spectrum, she's a long time advocate for autistic people being integrated into the workforce and given more support within society. She's been featured in Business Today, YOU Magazine, Her World, Tatler and other international publications.

She always dreamed of creating a brand for a multi-faceted woman, who can be more than one thing. A brand that embodies beauty, glamour, and heart. She started Rosie On Fire in 2015 with the goal of fusing a commercial entity with the heart of a social enterprise. The unique aspect of Rosie On Fire is that autistic and marginalised groups are integrated directly into the business rather than as a separate CSR arm.

It began with herself and one employee, doing everything from hand sourcing fabric from around the world, to developing products sketched on napkins, to selling at small popup stalls in malls. Rosie On Fire is now stock listed internationally, with offices on two continents, a specialised team, and an advisory board of world leading experts in retail. 

Central to Rosie On Fire’s business model is hiring artisans from marginalised communities in South East Asia to produce a range of products, providing them with the opportunity to make meaningful income and showcase their work on a global scale. The aim is to have a 20% autistic workforce, placing autistic people in roles that suit their skills such as production and order fulfilment. 

The social conscience of Rosie On Fire, empowering vulnerable and marginalised people by providing employment, is something core to it being a purpose-driven business.

In addition, the Rosie Cares program is involved in direct charity work. They have partnered with Metro World Child, an organisation who helps children who come from areas of extreme poverty and are at high risk of neglect, abuse and sexual exploitation. To date they have 'adopted' two children and are in the process of sponsoring a third. 

The second part of the Rosie Cares program is the Outreach. Each month every employee spends half a workday volunteering in their local community at a cause that's important to them. Initiatives have included teaching and arts and crafts at orphanages and refugee centers.

At wonder & awe, she hopes to be able to eventually replicate a similar model of job creation for marginalised communities.

Angeline also has a Bachelors of Law and a Masters of Science from the University of Oxford, and her professional law qualifications.

When she grows up she hopes to be a better driver. 

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