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We’re obsessed with making your day a little easier and a little more joyful. Whether it’s the useful products, the amazing delivery service, the experience on our website, or our Customer Happiness team delighting you with their genuine care (even if something didn’t go quite as planned), we’re going for the ‘WOW!’

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The Hug

Give someone what they want...which is probably a hug 💁‍♀️______🙋‍♂️ This sweet box has all your basic huggy things covered, treating your face to your tummy (biscuits, tea, face mask, candles...). It's the perfect 'thinking of you' gift or a pick-me-up for yourself.


The Birthday

Our classic birthday box has everything you need to kick off your special day from confetti to birthday cake chocolate. There's never been a more important time to celebrate what matters most and make happy memories.


The Pamper

We live by 'airport rules'. Anything goes any time 🤸‍♀️Face mask at 10am on a Monday? Yes. Jade rolling during conference calls? Ok. An afternoon siesta with a de-puffing eye mask? Sure! ​We've put together a full kit to enable you to treat yourself and treat yourself.


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